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Dreadhead Parkour


Dreadhead Parkour is a running adventure game where you control the fearsome Dreadhead to conquer dangerous roads. Countless obstacles are waiting for you. This gameplay is as thrilling as Pacman Full Screen.

How to play

To play this running game, you need to understand the controls first.

How to control

To control this Dreadhead Parkour game, you just need to use the following keys.

  • RIGHT ARROW - Move forward
  • LEFT ARROW - Brake
  • UP ARROW - Jump
  • DOWN ARROW - Slide
  • SPACEBAR - Restart or Proceed to the next level

Dreadhead Parkour's controls are basic and easy, so new players can play this online game. This game challenge is roads full of obstacles and traps.

How to overcome dangers

This Dreadhead Parkour game always offers challenges to the players. These challenges can be obstacles, traps, or the complexity of the terrain. For example, you might face giant spiked wheels or long, narrow caves. These objects all make it difficult for you to move.

To conquer challenges, players need to control flexibly. Depending on each object, you need different moving methods. Like Coreball, control is one of the most important factors in winning. For example, you need to jump over spiked wheels and slide through small caves.

Features of Dreadhead Parkour

  • Multi-levels with unique obstacles and maps
  • Significant character with various skins.
  • 2 ways to unlock new skins: use coins or watch ads.
  • Diverse backgrounds and terrains.

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