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Slope 2


Slope 2 is the second version of the Slope game series. A new slope world with ultimate platform challenges will open for all players to control a rolling ball.

About Slope 2

Welcome to the second edition of this popular slope game series! In Slope 2, players can experience new challenges compared to the first version.

Updates in Slope 2

The second version is updated with many new features. First, Slope 2 changes the game's setting. You can experience a slope city with white and purple colors in the first version while the second version focuses on the neon yellow slope city. A new platform city is opened with a color change.

In addition, this Slope 2 game also updates ball skins compared to Slope Game. New skins can be found in the Shop section. You can discover interesting skins for your ball and the Earth skin is hot in 2024.

Finally, this new slope game also brings completely new challenges from slopes, platforms, speed, and obstacles. However, this change is difficult to describe here. Join this Slope 2 game now to enjoy these updates!

How to play this second game

In order to play Slope 2, use the left and right arrow keys or the AD key. These controls allow you to move the ball left and right to roll across the platforms. Focus on avoiding obstacles and jumping to new platforms safely.

Slope 2's gameplay is challenging because you have to maneuver carefully to avoid falling off platforms. The slopes constantly change in size and shape and they create the ultimate challenges for online players. If you want to play and conquer the high score of Slope 2, don't forget these important controls.

Features and tips

As you can know, Slope 2 is developed and updated compared to the first Slope version. However, this new game version still retains the outstanding features of a slope game.

  • Endless neon slopes in a platform city are your playing field.
  • Challenges from speed and platforms always test your control skills.
  • Your main mission is to control a rolling ball to get high scores.
  • All players have to restart if the ball falls into space.

These features are mostly maintained in all slope game versions and Slope 2 is no exception. Therefore, you can apply the same tips to multiple versions. This second version has average difficulty compared to other slope versions. If you want to get a high score in Slope 2, you just need to control the rolling ball carefully. In addition, observe the entire screen to avoid obstacles and changing slopes.