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Death Run 3D


Death Run 3D is an online speed game in a neon tunnel with moving obstacles. Tunnels are divided into 4 types corresponding to 4 game modes.

How to play Death Run 3D

Like Slope, this new game also focuses on running gameplay. With this running gameplay, control is the most important factor to achieve high results.

How to control

In Death Run 3D, you can only control with 4 arrow keys.

  • Up arrow = Move up
  • Down arrow = Move down
  • Left arrow = Move left
  • Right arrow = Move right

With these four control keys, players can easily move through colorful tunnels. This control is different from Slope Run because the down arrow key is impossible to use in this game. However, tunnels in both games are filled with obstacles that challenge the players' control ability.

How to avoid obstacles

This 3D Death Run game requires players to avoid obstacles to continue the race. If you collide with the obstacles, this Death Run 3D game will end immediately.

To avoid obstacles, players need to use the control keys. You can move in 4 directions corresponding to the 4 paths of the tunnel. Obstacles can move and stop in any position. Therefore, you need to get the location of obstacles and move to safe paths. Usually, this Death Run 3D game leaves two or three safe passages. However, in some special cases, you only have one safe path. In these challenging situations, your controlling ability will be tested.

Another important factor is speed which greatly affects your obstacle-avoiding ability. The speed in this Death Run 3D game is faster than those slope games. The speed is fast from the start. As a result, players always face a challenge from moving speed.

4 Death Run 3D Modes

This online game has 4 modes: Maelstrom, Superluminal, Hyper Maelstrom, and Hyper Superluminal.

What are the similarities and differences between these 4 modes?

First, in terms of similarities, all four modes have the same gameplay and controls. You must control with the arrow keys to avoid all the obstacles. In addition, the tunnels and obstacles in the four modes also have the same characteristics. The tunnels are designed with many neon colors. Obstacles can move in the tunnels of Death Run 3D.

Second, in terms of differences, the difficulty of the 4 modes is different. The two Hyper modes have higher difficulty thanks to the change in the design of tunnels and obstacles. The movement of obstacles is unpredictable and tunnels also have more paths to move.

With these 4 modes, what achievements can you get in Death Run 3D?