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Slope Run


Slope Run is a multi-level running game inspired by the Slope series. Continue to conquer the space roads by skillfully controlling a rolling ball.

About Slope Run

Welcome to the new game on our website! If you are a speed fan, this Slope Run game will be suitable for you to conquer each speed level. To conquer speed, players need to understand how to control the ball first.

How to control Slope Run

To control the ball, use the arrow keys: up, left, and right.

  • Up arrow = Jump
  • Left arrow = Move left
  • Right arrow = Move right

Through these control keys, players can flexibly control their ball to conquer challenges. For example, your ball can roll around a tunnel with the left and right arrow keys. You can also jump over space holes and other challenges with the up arrow. Slope Run's challenges are divided into two types corresponding to two modes.

2 slope modes

This Slope Run game has two modes: Level and Endless modes. These two modes share the same controls, but the characteristics are different.

In terms of level mode, players will participate in each level. Each level is a unique journey and after completing a level, you can proceed to the next level. In particular, in level mode, there are many level branches with different themes. Players can conquer levels on the main route or move to these new branches for special challenges. Thanks to this special mode, this Slope Run game becomes special in the diverse gaming world.

Endless mode offers an endless path where you run as far as you can to get as high a score as possible. With your high score, you can enter the list of top players in the leaderboard. The challenges in endless mode are similar to level mode. However, the challenges will become increasingly complex as you move further and further.

Other features

This Slope Run game is different from the Slope 2 Unblocked game because you can control the ball to jump off the platforms. As a result, your controls become more flexible and enjoyable.

In addition, with two modes, this new game also gives you more experience. You can choose any mode and challenge your control ability. If you press the Play key, the game will take you into level mode with a minimap. If you want to switch to endless mode, don't forget to pay attention to the bottom left corner of the screen.

Finally, this Slope Run game does not use the typical neon colors of the Slope series. Instead, the game uses many basic colors to match each theme.