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Drive Mad


Drive Mad is a truck-controlling game where you conquer complex maps on different levels and the unstable movement of the truck will challenge every player.

How to play

In this Drive Mad game, your mission is to control your truck with the following controls.

How to control

To control your truck, you can use one of three ways.

  • AD keys
  • ZX keys
  • Left-Right Arrow

These keys have the same effect: control your truck forward or backward. These are the only two moving directions in this Drive Mad game. With this control feature, are you curious about the upcoming challenges?

Challenges of Drive Mad

While driving your truck, you face two main challenges: keeping your truck balanced and overcoming complex terrain.

First, in terms of your truck, control is not easy because the balance of the truck is low. You can not keep balance like the character in Temple Run 2 because your truck is always swaying through the roads. Especially, when you face obstacles, it is challenging to avoid flipping the car.

Second, in terms of terrain, each level of Drive Mad offers unique maps and terrain. You may face swaying bridges, steep slopes, or deep holes. Depending on the terrain of each level, the players' control abilities will be challenged to different degrees.

More information about Drive Mad

  • This driving game is divided into several levels and players must play in order.
  • Like Snake 3D, you have to start over from the beginning if there is an accident or rollover.
  • It is impossible to customize your truck. Players must play according to the default truck.
  • Truck by default brings fairness to all online players.
  • The difficulty level of Drive Mad increases with each level.
  • Each level has a unique finish line at the bottom of the map.
  • You can advance to a new level of Drive Mad if you reach the finish line safely.