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Slope 2 Player


Slope 2 Player is a multiplayer slope game where you can compete with another player on the same slope. Can you beat your enemy and become the speed king?

About Slope 2 Player

This new slope game is special compared to the first Slope game because players can compete against another player.

Competitive characteristics

This Slope 2 Player game allows players to choose 1 Player or 2 Player mode. If you choose 1 Player mode, the gameplay and controls are similar to other slope games. Note that you can only use AD keys to control your ball in 1 Player mode.

However, when you join 2 Player mode, the players can activate multi-player mode. This mode allows two players to participate in a match with the same conditions. Slopes, platforms, and obstacles are all the same. The only difference is the control.

How to control

  • Use AD keys to control the ball on the left.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to control the ball on the right.

Slope 2 Player's screen is divided into two parts to represent each player's play.

Victory in Slope 2 Player

Each mode has a different set of wins. If you participate in 1 Player mode, you can win by getting the highest score possible. The slopes and platforms are endless for you to challenge yourself. This winning way is similar to Tunnel Rush. However, this winning rule is not maintained in 2 Player mode.

In 2 Player mode, there is only one winner who moves the longer distance. In each match, when a ball falls off the slope, the remaining player will immediately become the winner.

With this winning rule, players of Slope 2 Player always try to conquer as far a distance as possible.

Notes For Slope

In this Slope 2 Player game, players need to pay special attention to slopes and obstacles because these two objects often cause failure for players. It is impossible to continue your race if the ball falls off the slope or collides with obstacles. To avoid this situation, slope players need to control their ball skillfully. This is the only way to keep the ball safe.

In addition, online players should not focus too much on points. Every online game is aimed at entertainment and so is this 2 Player version. The competitive feature will bring you exciting matches with lots of motivation. If you are a speed and competition enthusiast, join Slope 2 Player now!