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Slope 3


Slope 3 is the third version of the famous Slope game series. This latest version brings outstanding features of slopes, obstacles, and platform city.

How to play the third slope version

In this Slope 3 game, the gameplay is similar to previous versions. The first similarity is control of your ball.

Control of your ball

To control your ball, use AD or left and right arrow keys.

You can control the ball left or right to move on slopes and meet the game requirements. With this familiar control method, players can easily move on slopes. In particular, you can jump from one slope to another to score points.

Rules of Slope 3

This third slope version focuses on two rules: protecting the ball and moving forward.

Your ball faces many dangers from slopes, obstacles, and speed. In Slope 3, slopes always take you to deeper points. Moreover, these slopes can also change shape and size and move. As a result, when your ball rolls on these slopes, danger will come. In addition, pink obstacles can move and break your ball with any collision. Speed is the final danger for your ball. Your ball rolls at high speed, so it's a challenge to maneuver it safely on slopes and avoid obstacles. However, this speed is slower than Death Run 3D. If you are a fan of speed games, don't miss this new game.

The second slope rule is to move forward. In Slope 3, you will score points if you successfully jump from one slope to another. If you get a high score, you will become one of the talented players honored in the rankings. Therefore, to achieve this goal, players need to move forward continuously. The ball will roll forward continuously and your task is to control this ball to move left or right.

Differences of Slope 3

This third version brings you a slope city with new colors, designs, and challenges.

  • First, the color was changed to neon blue and pink.
  • Second, slope design also changes with more shapes and sizes.
  • Third, moving obstacles appear with high frequency to bring ultimate challenges.

With these three unique features, Slope 3 quickly became the favorite version of many online players. If you are a fan of the slope series, don't miss this outstanding third version!