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Tunnel Rush


Tunnel Rush is an online speed game and your track is a special endless tunnel. A colorful tunnel with moving obstacles awaits you to challenge.

Special Endless Tunnel

In this Tunnel Rush game, players will experience a speed game in an endless tunnel. This tunnel is special because of its design features. Let's learn about the outstanding features of this tunnel together!

In terms of graphics, tunnels in Tunnel Rush always have eye-catching colors and can change at any time. The Slope series also focuses on striking colors, but these colors are maintained throughout the match and you can see clearly in Slope 3. This new game changes this feature and players can experience the racing tracks with new colors. With this color change, the game leaves many impressions for online players.

In terms of obstacles, tunnels are dangerous with moving obstacles. Obstacles are red and appear continuously on your path. These obstacles come in many shapes, sizes, and speeds. The only similarity is the ability to break your character. If you collide with these red obstacles, the Tunnel Rush game will end immediately.

In particular, these obstacles rotate along the tunnel. Therefore, its danger is higher than other online games. To conquer these challenges, let's learn about the gameplay and controls of this exciting game.

How to play Tunnel Rush

In order to play this speed game, you need to understand its controls first.

How to control Tunnel Rush

To control this online game, players only need to use the AD key or the left and right arrow keys. This control method is similar to the hot games on our website, so players can easily get used to these controls.

When you use the Tunnel Rush controls, you can move around all sides of the tunnel. During the moving process, your leading task is to avoid obstacles. When you successfully avoid the obstacles, you can continue the race and get a high score.

Tips and tricks

In Tunnel Rush, players can completely apply basic movement strategies such as observing, controlling, and avoiding obstacles. These tips also work but are not very effective.

To beat this Tunnel Rush game, the players can apply the opposite rule. It means moving in the opposite direction of obstacles. The obstacles in this online game rotate in different directions. To avoid colliding with these moving obstacles, it is best to move against them. This moving way is highly effective and has been proven by top players.