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Level Devil


Level Devil is an online running game with various levels and unexpected challenges. Obstacles and traps will appear in the most unpredictable ways.

How to play

Level Devil's gameplay is simple with the following objectives and controls.

Level Devil's goal

Your task is to control your character to move safely to the destination. This gameplay seems similar to Temple Run 2, but it's not quite right. In Temple Run 2, you also control your character and keep him safe, but your race is endless.

In Level Devil, your race is limited. Your character only needs to reach the exit to move to the next level. This running gameplay has many similar characteristics to FireBoy and WaterGirl 2. The difference is that FireBoy and WaterGirl 2 allows 2 players to play and Level Devil has unexpected obstacles.

Obstacles and traps can appear and move at any time. Players may not be able to anticipate these dangers and have to restart.

How to control

In Level Devil, let's use ARROW keys to control your character.

Control is the most important factor in conquering this running game. With unexpected obstacles, you not only need to move safely but also react quickly. The obstacles in each level have their own moving way, so the control way cannot be the same.

Levels and modes

This Level Devil game is divided into 16 modes. Each mode has its own theme.

For example:

  • Pits
  • Spikes
  • Push

Each mode will give you challenges on that topic and each mode includes many levels. You need to conquer each level in order to advance to new levels and modes.

In particular, the last mode is called Devil Door. Devil Door is the hardest mode and the final door that leads you to victory. It includes all the challenges from previous modes. If you can beat Devil Door, you win overall!