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Among Us


About Among Us

Among Us takes you into the world beyond the universe in a spaceship with many adventurous challenges. Identify and eliminate impostors appearing on board. It is a popular online multiplayer game that brings players together in a thrilling social reasoning experience set in a space-themed environment. The main objective of the game is to identify the impostor(s) in a group of Teammates while completing a mission, or successfully eliminate a Teammate if you are the impostor.

In this online game, you can control the speed of Among Us which is impossible in Slope City. In Slope City, the speed of the rolling ball is automatically increased.

Dynamic gameplay

The game's uniqueness lies in its blend of teamwork, strategy, and deception. Each round takes place on a spaceship or base, where crew members perform missions to maintain the ship's functionality. However, the impostors wanted to eliminate the Teammates and sabotage their missions without being detected. As a player, you must cooperate with others to identify impostors or deceive others if you are an impostor.

Understand your roles

Get familiar with the Crew and Impostor roles. The Teammate completes the quest, while the Impostor discreetly tries to eliminate the Teammate.

Interface navigation

Get familiar with the game's interface, including the map, task list, and emergency meeting button.

Navigating gameplay in Among Us

Join the Game: Choose "Online" or "Local" mode. In online mode, you can join or create rooms to play with friends or random players. In local mode, play with friends using the same Wi-Fi network.

When entering the game, the player is assigned a role. If you are a Crew Member, complete missions and cooperate with others. If you are the Impostor, sabotage the mission and remove the Teammate discreetly.

Complete mission

Teammates must complete the quest shown on the map. These tasks range from system repair to energy diversion. Accomplish tasks efficiently while remaining alert to suspicious behavior.

Detect suspicious behavior

Be on the lookout for unusual activities such as players not completing missions, lingering near vandalism sites, or avoiding group gatherings. Such behavior may indicate an Impostor.

Call an emergency meeting

Use the emergency meeting button to discuss doubts. During meetings, players can communicate to share observations, doubts, and opinions about who might be an Impostor.

Voting period

After discussion, players vote to remove the suspected Impostor. The majority of votes determine the outcome. Be careful not to remove innocent Crew Members, as Imposters can manipulate votes.

Destruction and Removal

If you're an Impostor, sabotage key systems and discreetly eliminate Teammates. Blend in with the group while causing chaos to distract suspicion.

Win the game

Teammates win by completing all missions or identifying all Impostors. Impostors win by reducing the number of Crew members to match their numbers or by sabotaging missions to create chaos.

Remember, mastering Between Us requires practice, observation, and strategic thinking. Over time you will perfect your skills and become a proficient Crew Member or Impostor, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.