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Slope City


Slope City is an online speed game with endless slopes and a rolling ball. Control this ball and roll it to the farthest location of the city.

How to play Slope City

This new slope game has some similarities to the first Slope game in terms of controls and gameplay.

How to control

In this Slope City game, let's control a rolling ball by AD or left and right arrow keys.

These control keys are familiar to players of Slope Multiplayer because they are used for all versions. As a result, most players can get used to controlling the ball from the first playing time. You just need to move the ball left and right and meet the requirements of this Slope City game.

Rules of Slope City

This online game requires players to direct a ball to run on slopes. In the running process, let's pay attention to some rules below.

In terms of slopes, you need to move the ball on these slopes safely. Avoid falling off slopes and platforms. If your ball rolls down into space, this Slope City game will end immediately. The slopes in this City version sway a lot and their shape changes rapidly. Therefore, do not be subjective about these slopes.

In terms of obstacles, you must avoid colliding with them. If you collide with the obstacles, the ball will be destroyed and the game will be over. The challenges from the obstacles increase the further you run. The frequency and movement speed of obstacles is getting higher and higher. In particular, the moving speed of the obstacles is extremely suspicious.

If you can conquer the above two rules, high achievements will automatically come to you.

Features of Slope City

  • There are no more colorful neon platforms. In this new gaming world, a real city is created but the graphics are classic.
  • The speed of the ball is slower than in other Slope games. As a result, you can move easily from level 1 to level 3. At level 4, the real challenges begin.
  • The movement of obstacles is the ultimate challenge of this Slope City game. The moving obstacles are extremely complex and unexpected.
  • There are no more support items in the Shop section. Support items are moved to the Upgrade section.
  • You can unlock new skins in the Shop section. To unlock new skins, players use collected diamonds from the rolling process.
  • Slope City's scoring method is also different from other Slope versions. Your score will be based on the total distance instead of the number of slopes.