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Tomb of the Mask


Tomb of the Mask is an online maze-escaping game where your character runs in complex mazes full of dangers and traps. Can you conquer all mazes? This maze-conquering is faster than Dungeon Scroller, so it's more challenging.

How to play

This running game brings you races in the maze with simple controls.

Controls of Tomb of the Mask

You can use either of the following two controllers.


With these keys, you can control your character to move forward, backward, move left, and move right. As a result, you can move freely in the mazes. Movement is the most important ability to conquer this Tomb of the Mask game, so remember the control keys first.

Running rules

In this Tomb of the Mask game, you need to control your character and follow the following two rules.

First, run and reach the finish line to complete a level. Each level includes a unique maze and destination. All players must safely reach this destination to advance to the next level. However, the structure of the maze is complex, so the moving process is not simple. In particular, while moving, you need to collect all the light dots and coins.

Second, avoid all obstacles and traps. At high levels, more obstacles appear. If your character collides with spikes, you must restart Tomb of the Mask. However, some obstacles such as blocks or walls only prevent you from moving. In this online, you mainly face dangers from obstacles instead of enemies in Gun Mayhem Redux. Therefore, avoiding obstacles is one of the top principles of this running game.

More modes of Tomb of the Mask

In addition to level mode, players can participate in Arcade mode.

Arcade mode takes you to an endless maze filled with dangerous poisons. You must continuously run upwards to avoid touching this poison that continuously rises over time. Besides, Arcade mode has many spikes that can appear and move unexpectedly.