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Stickman Climb 2


Stickman Climb 2 is the second installment of the Stickman Climb series where you control a stickman sitting in a pot to reach the destination.

How to play

It's exciting to play this new game because you can play in 2 modes: 1 Player and 2 Player. These two modes have similar controls.

How to control

In order to control Stickman Climb 2, you can follow the guides below.


If you play 1-Player mode, you only need to use controls for player 1. However, if you apply 2-Player mode, both 2 guides are necessary. Like Pizza Tower, you can control your character speed to conquer challenges.

When you use these keys to control your character, your character will use a poleax to move forward or backward. In the moving process, let's decide the moving direction to meet the game requirements.

Rules of Stickman Climb 2

This online game requires players to reach the destination safely to complete a level. In 2-player mode, this requirement has some differences. In addition to reaching the finish line, you have to move as fast as possible to beat your enemies. Battles in the 2-player mode are as intense as What The Hen! where you join hen fights.

Remember that there are many dangerous obstacles on your roads. For example, spikes can hurt your character. Therefore, you need to avoid these obstacles and move to your goal.

Note for Stickman Climb 2

  • In order to choose modes, you need to return to the main screen and select the two-player button. When you click this button, a new player appears on the screen.
  • Before starting your matches, you can unlock new skins for your character, including head, hand, pot, and poleax. Each part has unique designs with various colors and shapes. Although it's impossible to compare to the graphics of Monkey Mart, this new game is also a great game with an eye-catching design.
  • When you join the 2-player mode of this Stickman Climb 2 game, 2 players will play on the same PC.