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SpiderDoll is an adventure game to transform into a Spiderman and move across the rooftops of skyscrapers. Don't forget to destroy your enemies as a superhero!

How to play

To play this SpiderDoll game, let's learn about its controls first!

How to control

In order to control the SpiderDoll game, players can follow this guide.

  • MOUSE - Shoot the spider web
  • SPACEBAR - Activate the web balls

When you control a Spiderman, you can't control his speed. Instead, you can control the web-shooting way to move and the ball-throwing way to attack enemies. These two abilities are unique and you can't try them in Stickman Go.

More control details

As you can know, you can control your character to shoot spider webs and balls. What are they used for?

  • Spider webs: Your Spiderman moves across the rooftops of buildings, so it's impossible to walk or run. Instead, you have to use the spider webs to cling and swing from one rooftop to another. This is the only way for you to move in SpiderDoll. This swinging ability also appears in the Vex 8 game where you can join the adventure with Stickman. However, Vex 8 has more thrilling abilities like climbing, running, flying, sliding, and swimming.
  • Balls: Your Spiderman can also create balls to attack opponents. Enemies can appear in any building and you can shoot these balls to eliminate them. In addition, the second attacking way is to swing your web and kick your enemies.

Ends of SpiderDoll

This game is endless and it will test your control skills. Let's swing the Spiderman web and see how long you can move. The farther you swing, the higher achievements you gain. As a result, in this adventure game, you race and compete yourself to get the highest score. It contrasts Goober Dash where you can compete with other players to get the highest ranking.

Note that this SpiderDoll game will end if your Spiderman falls into the streets.