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Parkour Block 5


Parkour Block 5 is the fifth version of the Parkour Block series where you go on adventures in a molten lava lake. Let's jump on blocks safely! Unlike Bad Egg with multiplayer gameplay, you will play along in this new game.

How to play

When you join this Parkour Block 5 game, you can experience many thrilling adventures with easy controls.

How to control

In order to control your character, you can use some keys below.

  • ARROW KEYS - Move
  • SPACEBAR - Jump

With these basic keys, you can control your character to move forward, and backward, move side to side, and jump. For players, these skills are just basic, but they are enough to conquer the challenges of this online game. You can decide the speed of your character that you can't in Roller Baller to control your ball speed.

During control, players need to pay attention to many factors to keep their character safe, and the most important factor is lava.

Avoid lava lakes

In Parkour Block 5, the only danger is the lava lake. In any mode, players move on blocks that are placed in the middle of the lava lake. Your task is to move on these blocks and avoid the lava lake. If your character touches the lava, this Parkour Block game will restart. It's the attractive feature of this adventure. You can face and overcome dangers that don't appear in sports games like Real Football.

To avoid lava, players need to observe and understand the location of the blocks. In addition, players also need to pay attention to the length and width of the block. Then, during movement, you can grasp the safe areas for your character.

Features of Parkour Block 5

  • 3 modes: Level mode, Speedrun mode, and Hardcore mode.
  • Unique maps for each mode and level.
  • Settings: Sound, Timer, and Sensitivity.
  • Many new features compared to the fourth edition.