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Paper.io 2


Paper.io 2 is a territorial competition game where players carve out their own land and attack their opponents' tails. Will you become the paper king?

How to play

Unlike Capybara Clicker, this game is a multiplayer game, so you will compete with other players. To participate in this competition, let's learn about the game controls first.

How to control

To control Paper.io 2, simply use your MOUSE.

When you move your mouse, your character also moves in the same direction. Compared to Skibidi Toilet Survival, this new game has simpler controls. Players of all ages can control their characters and participate in intense matches.

If you are a new player, don't worry because the controls are really simple. You can master it from the first playing time.

Rules of Paper.io 2

This online game has two main rules: expanding the land and competing with opponents.

  • Expand lands: You can move your character to circle lands and these lands will belong to you. You can circle your opponent's land as well. However, be careful because it can lead to competition.
  • Compete with opponents: Players join together in a closed arena where the lands are the limit. Therefore, to expand the land, players can compete with each other by stealing land. In particular, you can destroy another player by stabbing your opponent's tail.

Features of Paper.io 2

  • An attractive online multiplayer game.
  • Many character skins for all players.
  • Endless wars to expand territory.
  • Many hot game modes.