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Geometry Jump


Geometry Jump is an online running game where you jump over many types of obstacles. The fast pace and character changes are also challenges for many players.

After playing this running game, you can move to Five Nights at Freddy's, a horror survival game.

How to play

In order to play Geometry Jump, you should learn how to control your character first.

How to control

You can control your character by using one of the keys below.


These keys allow you to control your character to jump at any time. This control way is simpler than Only Up Game where you have to use many keys to control your character. The height of each jump is the same. As a result, you can strategize your moves to conquer obstacles.

Note that jumping pads and rings may affect your control. These pads and rings will create a force to help your character jump higher and farther.

Obstacles of Geometry Jump

The main obstacles are spikes, blocks, and slopes. These obstacles are familiar to fans of the Geometry Dash series because they appear frequently.

To conquer these obstacles, players just need to jump over them. However, the difficulty is a combination of obstacles. These obstacles combine to create a maze of traps. If players are not alert enough to recognize these traps, failure will easily occur.

Tips for Geometry Jump

This online game focuses on the players' control and reflexes. Therefore, to play Geometry Jump well, players need to practice their control skills first.

In addition, you can also play Geometry Lite, another Geometry Dash version to practice your skills. Speed ​​games like Drift 3 often challenge your control ability and this skill can be practiced.