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Bloxd io


Bloxd io is a multiplayer survival game where you and other players all live in a new pixelated world. This world gives you challenging conditions to survive. Like Kirka.io, both two games bring challenging multiplayer adventures.

How to play

Welcome to the Bloxd io game where you can immerse yourself in a virtual world to test your survival skills! To play this online game, control is a top priority.

How to control

  • ARROW/ WASD - Move
  • Shift + ARROW/ WASD - Run
  • SPACEBAR - Jump/ Fly up
  • CTRL - Crouch / Fly down
  • LEFT MOUSE - Break block/ Attach other players
  • RIGHT MOUSE - Place/ Interact items
  • TAB - Open inventory
  • Q - Drop item
  • ALT + LEFT MOUSE - Pick block

Because this Bloxd game is a survival and fighting game, the controls are more complex than Geometry Dash Limbo. Games of this survival genre always have many control keys. Play this new game a few times and you'll get the hang of the controls.

Goals of Bloxd io

In this new game, your goal is to survive against the pixel gaming world and other players. This gameplay is more thrilling than Pet Party.

In this gaming world, you can face forests with wild animals, vast lakes, and even dangerous natural disasters. Faced with these conditions, your survival ability will be tested.

In terms of other players, they can be partners or opponents. You can cooperate or fight with other players. This feature depends on your orientation.

Modes of Bloxd io

This online game is famous for its great number of modes. A few noticeable modes are Survival, Peaceful, Creative, Evil Tower, and BloxdHop mode. Each mode gives you unique challenges even though the controls and gameplay are similar. If you want to find their differences, play all modes of Bloxd io and enjoy!