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Banana Game


Banana Game is an online clicking game published in 2024. Players can produce endless bananas and unlock various upgrades in the entertaining process.

How to play

In order to play this clicking game, you can reference Candy Clicker because these two games have the same genre. Especially, you can follow the guides below to understand more.

How to control

It's easy to control the Banana Game game because all what you need to do is to click on the giant banana in the middle of the screen. With each click, you can produce a new banana and the number of new bananas is endless. You can produce as many bananas as you want.

Tips to play

Note that the Banana Game has no mission for all players and you only need to click to enjoy the game. However, if you want to produce bananas faster, you can unlock upgrades. The upgrades will be mentioned in detail in the next section.

In addition, don't forget to save the game before you access other games.

Upgrades of Banana Game

This banana-clicking game has 8 upgrades with different prices and uses.

  • Cursor (buy for 15 bananas): Autoclick every 5 seconds.
  • Grandma (buy for 100 bananas): Bake more bananas.
  • Factory (buy for 500 bananas): Produce large quantities of bananas.
  • Mine (buy for 2,000 bananas): Produce banana dough and chocolate chips.
  • Shipment (buy for 7,000 bananas): Bring in fresh bananas from the banana planet.
  • Alchemy lab (buy for 50,000 bananas): Turn gold into bananas.
  • Portal (buy for 1,000,000 bananas): Open a door to the Bananaverse.
  • Time machine (buy for 123,456,789 bananas): Bring bananas from the past before they were even eaten.

Note that each upgrade brings many bananas per second and their prices will increase after you unlock one time.

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