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Backrooms is a horror escaping game on our online website. Players need to find an exit in closed underground rooms full of dangers and strange creatures.

How to play

To play this Backrooms game, players need to know how to control their character first.

How to control

  • WASD - Move
  • Left Mousse - Crouch
  • Shift - Sprint
  • Q - Lean Left
  • E - Lean Right
  • F - Interact
  • Left Click - Use Item
  • I - Inventory

With the above keys, players can control their characters to move in rooms, find and interact with items, and find their exit. If you are a new player and haven't mastered all the controls above, you can start with Crowd Drift Cars City, another fun game with simpler controls.

Your mission

When you play this Backrooms game, your task is to control your character to find a safe exit. Through it, all players need to meet two main requirements: find a way out and protect themselves.

  • Find the exit: Each backroom has a special exit and it is hidden in different locations. Players need to find this escape route based on items and hints from the game.
  • Protect yourself: In Backrooms, you need to protect yourself from dangerous creatures. These creatures often appear in certain areas and they will attack any player. The only escaping way is to move carefully and listen. If you hear strange sounds, run immediately because they are approaching.

After playing this horror game, you can play Among Us, another exciting mission-completing game.

Notes for Backrooms

To escape in this online game, players need to pay attention to some characteristics.

  • Turn on your sound because sound is an important clue to protect yourself.
  • Pay attention to colorful flashes because escape routes may appear in these locations.
  • This Backrooms game has 3 modes: Classic mode, Deaf mode, and Free mode.