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A Difficult Game About Climbing


A Difficult Game About Climbing is an adventure game where your character climbs up cliffs filled with dangerous obstacles and slippery moss.

This game will be more challenging than Fireboy and Watergirl 1 because you have to control your character with two mouse keys at the same time.

How to control

The A Difficult Game About Climbing game uses the control set below.

  • Left and Right Mouse - Grab
  • Move Mouse - Move Your Hands
  • W or Space - Pull Up

With this key set, you can cling to cliffs with both of your hands. In addition, you can hold on with one hand and use the other hand to climb up. Don't forget to pull up to reduce arm fatigue!

Note that this climbing game can also use game consoles.

Features of A Difficult Game About Climbing

  • You use unique controls with your mouse.
  • The terrain is complex with steep cliffs.
  • There are many new terrains at high altitudes.
  • All the terrain is extremely challenging to climb.
  • There are dangerous obstacles that can be clung to.
  • The moss and streams are slippery and impossible to grab with one hand.
  • Players have to return to the starting line if they fall.

Climbing Tips

To beat this A Difficult Game About Climbing game, players need to master the control keys first. It is simple to use the mouse and move your character. However, players need to be persistent to keep the mouse for a long time. The never-ending cliffs require you to always hold down the mouse button to cling to the cliffs.

In addition, during climbing, you should also avoid slippery objects such as rocks with moss and streams. Note that there are bushes that can be grabbed. If you cling to slippery objects, you must hold on with both hands. If you only use one hand, your character will fall immediately. As a result, you cannot climb to other positions, and falling is inevitable.

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