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Nick Racing Stars


Nick Racing Stars is a multiplayer racing game inspired by The SpongeBob Movie. Cartoon characters will accompany you in all challenging races.

How to play

Although the races in this online game are more complex than the gameplay of Elastic Man, it is still easy to participate with the following controls.

How to control

In Nick Racing Stars, you can use WASD or arrow keys to control your kart. Each key allows you to perform different actions.

  • Right Arrow or D - Move forward and speed up
  • Left Arrow or A - Use items
  • Up and Down Arrow or WS - Move to other lanes

With four basic control keys, you can control your character and participate in races. Remember all their uses to ensure your win rate.

How to win

To win this Nick Racing Stars game, you must reach the finish line first. There are many competitors participating in a race. You have to compete with all these players.

To compete, players need to control their characters and perform the following tasks.

  • Avoid all the obstacles that make your kart slow down or face an accident.
  • Collect speeding arrows and useful items that give you a superpower.
  • Knock out other players by moving into their lane and pushing them into the wall.

With the 3 basic methods above, players can win. However, to have a higher win rate, players still need more skills and strategies. For example, you need to select a useful item. It's similar to how you collect gold in Gold Miner. You can collect valuable gold, but you can also get cheap stones.

Modes of Nick Racing Stars

This new game includes 2 modes: Quick Race and Grand Prix.

  • Quick Race puts you in random races with other players.
  • Grand Prix allows you to choose a racetrack and compete with other players.

These two modes both use the same gameplay and controls. However, the Grand Prix offers more experiences because you can race on many different tracks. Moreover, you can unlock new racing tracks in Nick Racing Stars.