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Moto X3M Winter


Play Moto X3M Winter to enjoy a moto-driving game. The game will challenge your control skills with arduous roads where the terrain constantly changes.

How to play

Welcome to Moto X3M Winter, an online driving game for gamers! Unlike Minesweeper, in this driving game, control is the most important factor in winning the matches.

How to control

To control your motorbike, you need to use ARROW KEYS with the following functions.

  • UP ARROW - Move forward and accelerate.
  • DOWN ARROW - Brake and gradually reduce speed.
  • LEFT AND RIGHT ARROW - Adjust the moto balance.

These keys are also the main control buttons of Electron Dash and each key has its own role on the player's track. These keys are also extremely familiar and easy to remember, so new players can master this Moto X3M Winter game from the first playing time.

The goal of Moto X3M Winter

The game goal is to control the motorbike safely and reach the destination. After reaching your destination, you can proceed to the next level of Moto X3M Winter.

However, to accomplish this goal, players need to conquer challenges from the racetrack. The tracks include many obstacles and traps. Besides, the game terrain can change at any time.

For example, you can start running on icy roads. After a while, the terrain can change into swinging rope roads or spiked railways.

To conquer these terrains, players need control strategies.

Tips for Moto X3M Winter

In this driving game, keeping the moto balance is an important factor in winning. In particular, if your motorbike is falling from a high place, you must adjust the motorbike to a balanced state to land. If you cannot complete this mission, the motorbike will be destroyed.

In addition, don't forget the signposts and checkpoints. Signposts indicate the exact direction and upcoming dangers and checkpoints allow you to restart at that point.

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