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Capybara Evolution: Clicker


Capybara Evolution: Clicker is a new clicking version of the famous Capybara Clicker game. You can see the evolution of Capybara while clicking. This game has many similar features with Capy Clicker.

How to play

Welcome to Capybara Evolution: Clicker where players can enjoy idle entertainment. This online game is extremely simple to control.

How to control

To control this Capybara game, you just need to use your MOUSE to click. This is the only way to play this online game on PC. If you play on touch devices, you can touch the screen to control it.

When you click on Capybara, a new Capybara will be created. However, creating many new Capybaras and evolving to higher levels will take a lot of time. Therefore, upgrades are introduced to players.

Upgrades of Capybara Evolution: Clicker

This new game has many unique upgrades for players to improve their performance. You can unlock upgrades in the Shop section and follow some notable upgrades below.

  • Cursor: +1 Capybara per second.
  • Pointer: +5 Capybara per second.
  • Double Cursor: +20 Capybara per second.
  • Triple Cursor: +200 Capybara per second.

There are many other upgrades in the Shop section. Players can unlock any upgrades if they have enough small Capybara.

Notes for Capybara Evolution: Clicker

This online game is an endless game with a cute Capybara character. You can create countless Capybaras with simple clicks. This new game is extremely suitable for entertainment after a tiring working day. If you want to play more thrilling games, you can try Pizza Tower Jumpscare or Geometry Dash Scratch.

Leave your worries behind and come to Capybara Evolution: Clicker to have worry-free moments!