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Candy Jump


Candy Jump is a skillful control game to direct your candy through colorful obstacles. Your candy can only touch objects of the same color.

How to play

Welcome to Candy Jump which tests the control abilities of all players! This genre is similar to Super Mario Bros because this game also requires players to control the Mario character to rescue the Princess.

How to control

This new game has simple controls: click your left mouse to move. Candy movement will follow the following rules.

  • After each left click, your candy will jump up one step.
  • If you click continuously, the candy will jump continuously.
  • If you stop clicking, the candy will fall down.

As a result, you can control the candy to move up or down to avoid obstacles.

How to avoid obstacles

Your candy can come in many different colors such as green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, etc. All players need to rely on this color to move. Color is an important element in gaining victory in many games. Guess The Flag is an example where you need to rely on the color and shape of the flag to give correct answers.

Your candy can touch items of the same color. On the contrary, if you touch obstacles of different colors, this Candy Jump game will end immediately. In addition, your candy can change color after it passes through the colored balls. Pay attention to this characteristic of candy to avoid unfortunate failures!

How to score

This Candy Jump game calculates points for players based on the number of white plus signs. During movement, you can see these plus signs inside the obstacles. Collect them and get 1 point for each plus sign! This scoring rule is also applied for Retro Bowl where you can get 1 point for each goal.

This control game is endless, so you can jump as far as you can and get the highest score possible!